Empowering the Frontline

PoliceBox® is a flexible frontline digital mobility platform designed to empower your frontline officers with their daily duties.  It provides a single user interface to record information and access your force's existing software services, without logging into multiple systems and remembering multiple passwords

Just like the original Police Box, it allows frontline officers to spend more time in the community and less time at the station.



The PoliceBox app runs on all common platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome OS.  It comes with all the tools to help you digitise and transform business process for frontline officers, and to integrate with your existing back office systems.


PoliceBox is designed to help you to achieve digital transformation and business change of your frontline processes through a "learn, grow and evolve" methodology. 

Our solution is designed so you can do this yourself.  If you prefer, we can also provide this service directly or through our partner network.  This can help you to achieve results quicker or to augment your internal resources at any time during your subscription period.



PoliceBox is a cloud-first, mobile-first, partner-first solution. Trusted partners are an important part of our ecosystem to help deliver the best services to customers quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.