A “Complete and Utter Mess”: As 2019 Kicks Off What Will Become of Police IT?

cbr-logo-1In this article written exclusively for Computer Business Review, Simon Hall writes about the recent IT report from the Home Affairs Select Committee. 

The key issue is the fact that there is little-to-no interoperability between any of the police IT systems. One quarter of police forces require access to six or more databases just to work on a single case for example. Keeping data in siloes across systems is inefficient and increases the risk of errors, but crucially it is also a big demotivator for the workforce, who often might feel inclined to agree with some of the home affairs committee’s harsher comments.

Platforms like PoliceBox can help police forces circumvent these problems in a secure and agile way, by bringing together all these IT systems under one user experience.

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