Hasta La Vista, Paper

land-mobile-logoWorkforces can now fill in forms and share them using mobile devices, which can eliminate the potential for error and improve effectiveness in the field. But, as Vaughan O’Grady finds out, the transition to cloud-supported mobile form apps requires careful planning.

In this article, which you can find here, Simon Hall, CEO of Coeus Software, explains: “We provide a mobile working platform used mainly for people like police or compliance-based regulated industries that have large deployed workforces who need to collect information and research and send it all back while they’re out in the field.”

While PoliceBox offers a great deal more than just help with sharing forms, paperwork was, and can still be, a major drain on police time. If a police officer stopped somebody for speeding, he or she could spend 25 minutes filling in a form, and then more forms if the vehicle had no insurance or wasn’t roadworthy. Much of this would be repetitive information. It then had to get back to an office’s internal mail system and be manually entered (assuming it was readable). Now, Hall points out, instead of filling in five or six manual paper forms, much of them with repetitive information, “once you have multiple processes, filling in the information for the second, third or fourth process can be done in a fraction of the time”.