Our SaaS subscription is designed so that you only pay for what you need to give you a rapid return on investment. The minimum subscription period is 12 months.

Options can be added at user level, so you only pay for the facilities each user needs, in any combination. You can add or remove users, service enhancers, or service add-ons, on a month by month basis during your subscription period.

System Level Pricing Unit Price
Core service1 pm £850
Integration server service pm £1,250
Smart data capture pm £850
Additional storage per TB (1TB included in Core service) pm £80
User Level Pricing Unit Price
User - core1 pppm £10
User – searching pppm £5
User – tasking pppm £5
User - smart data capture pppm £5
1 Mandatory line items for an entry level PoliceBox system, for you to configure. This service includes 5 named core user subscriptions.
Min users Max users Discount2
5 50 0%
51 100 10%
101 200 20%
201 400 30%
401 800 40%
801 1,600 50%
1,601 3,200 55%
3,201 6,400 60%
6,401 12,800 65%
12,801 >12,801 70%
2 Discount applies to User (pppm) SKUs only

Your PoliceBox Service

The service is defined in four phases and each phase is described as being part of the Subscription Lifecycle.   If you are interested in learning more about PoliceBox then complete and submit the contact form and we will arrange a discovery meeting in person or via webinar where we will demonstrate PoliceBox and discuss your requirements in more detail.